The Coveted – Hotchkiss



Anyone who knows menswear knows Sean Hotchkiss. Writer, photographer, model, and all around great guy. Always a fun excuse to shoot your friends.


6 Comments on “The Coveted – Hotchkiss

  1. Hi, I love the Barbour jacket. Is that the Mann? Is it available in the US? Thanks!

    • Its actually the Barbour Burgat. Its hard to find, but by far one of their best looking jackets because it so sooooo fitted.

  2. Totally enjoy following Sean’s writing, fashion, life in the city.

    • No doubt! He is gifted, but he is an even better friend and all around good dude.

  3. Great shots! love your lifestyle blog, a must to visit from time to time.
    Just one curiousity, love the VSCO films tones, I realized you edit contrast and mood to your own liking but what are the presets do you usually use for these sort of outdoors/interior pictures?
    Thanks, and congrats

    • Thanks Santiago!
      Thats a tough question, we don’t really have any set presets that we use. We use all of vsco’s film packs, but only as a launching off point. Sorry I can’t say exactly which ones we use, because it really is a reaction to what image is. I hope that makes sense.

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